Did you just win a subscription to TeleNav GPS Plus & a Car Mount? 5 people just did!

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Why are these people jumping for joy?

Two reasons: It’s Friday (!) and they know that today, I’m announcing the 5 winners of the TeleNav GPS Plus for the iPhone & Car Mount Giveaway!

So who won?

  • Daniela C.
  • Santiago
  • Vanessa M.
  • Jeremy S.
  • Dan A.

Thanks to everyone who entered! We’re planning on doing more giveaways in the future so there will be more opportunities to win great prizes.

Photo Credit: PaleonTour Flickr – Creative Commons License

Comments 9

  1. vanessa martienz

    oh ya!!! Thank youuuuu

  2. Santiago

    Thank You So Much, I’m So Excited To Get Out Of Work And Send You My Details To Try It.! :)

  3. Dan Anderson

    TeleNav rocks! Thank you so much!

  4. Daniela C

    Thanks so much! Immensely appreciated!

  5. Scubasheree

    My husband and I both have Telanav on our andriod phones. We were setting here just wondering, Does Telanav work while hiking? And if it does, I’m wondering …it must depend on the provider, but my husband said, no if it does…it probably would still work on the GPS. He right isn’t he?
    We love our Telanav!!! One suggestion….and you may already have this and we may not know it…option to change the vehicle style and colors.
    Thank you!!

    • 11/12/13

      Thanks for the feedback! Our team loves reading stuff like this.

      Regarding your question about hiking, that’s not the intended use of our app – our team designed it to be used while on the road and to get you from places you go every day. I would probably recommend against using our app to hike but I think there are some designed with that specific use-case in mind.

      Thanks for the suggestion! We actually do have cars available in the newest version of our product for Sprint Android phones – TeleNav GPS Navigator 7.1. :)

      Thanks again for coming by our blog. I’m happy to help answer questions for you whenever they may arise.


      Kenji from TeleNav

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