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Behind the Scenes with CNET @ Telenav HQ

TweetAmong our executive ranks here at Telenav is someone considered by some to be the “father of GPS.” Bob Rennard was the principal engineer in designing the Global Positioning System and is currently our co-founder and Chief Technical Officer. Sit down with Bob for a few minutes and it’s no surprise why he’s deserving of [...]

Interview with Eric Zeman of PhoneScoop.com

TweetHere on the official TeleNav blog (okay, so there are technically no “unofficial” TeleNav blogs), we’ve been sharing with you our interviews with some prominent writers & bloggers who cover the world of mobile, wireless & tech. Some of the recent posts feature the likes of Bonnie Cha of CNET, Jonathon Nguyen of LifeOnMyMobile.com, and [...]

Interview with Lisa Gade of MobileTechReview.com

TweetFrom smart phones to netbooks and all things that lie in between, if you’re able to take it with you, put it in your pocket, and plug it in, MobileTechReview.com has it covered. Recently at CTIA (okay, maybe not so recently?), we had the great opportunity to speak with the founder of the site, Lisa [...]

Jonathon Nguyen Talks Life On His Mobile

TweetJust like most of you out there, I love reading tech blogs. From Gizmodo to GearLive, I probably blaze through about 30 different sites every day looking for the latest and greatest tech news and info. Among the top tech blogs in my rotation is a site called LifeOnMyMobile.com. This is a site that covers [...]

Bonnie Cha: CNET’s Super Mobile Tech Reporter

TweetWant the latest news on the mobile scene in cyberspace? Need to find a review on that cell phone that just came out? Or do you just want to compare different products based on the features you need? Well a website that would cover all of your needs then is this one you’ve probably heard [...]

Interview with Al Sacco, Mobile & Wireless Blogger for CIO.com

Tweet From BlackBerries to iPhones and everything else that falls in between, if there’s one guy who knows it – it’s Al Sacco, the man who covers all thing mobile and wireless for CIO.com. Recently, we had the great opportunity to talk with him and during our time, we asked him a lot of questions [...]