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Did you just win a subscription to TeleNav GPS Plus & a Car Mount? 5 people just did!

Tweet    Why are these people jumping for joy? Two reasons: It’s Friday (!) and they know that today, I’m announcing the 5 winners of the TeleNav GPS Plus for the iPhone & Car Mount Giveaway! So who won? Daniela C. Santiago Vanessa M. Jeremy S. Dan A. Thanks to everyone who entered! We’re planning [...]

Contest: Why Food is Awesome & How You Could Win 1 of 5 One-Year subscriptions of TeleNav GPS Plus on the iPhone and a Car Mount!

TweetIs there anything better than discovering a great meal? Not if you ask me. In fact, trying new foods is literally one of my favorite things to do. I absolutely love discovering new flavors and exploring different cuisines. It should probably come as no surprise then that as a kid, my mom had a never [...]

CONTEST: Win $10,000 towards a trip for 4, 1 of 5 Kyocera Echos, or 1 of over 50 Gas Cards, just for Navigating with TeleNav on Sprint!

Tweet What if I told you that you could win $10,000 towards a trip for four, one of five Kyocera Echo (with DUAL SCREENS!) smartphones, or one of over fifty $50 gas cards just by using TeleNav on your Sprint phone? What if I also told you it wouldn’t cost you anything to enter because [...]

Commuter Confessionals: Surviving Your Daily Drive

Tweet Vote for your favorite Commuter Confessional “Stalled vehicle ahead. Expect delays,” the flashing sign 20 feet above the highway read. “Ahh… Thank you, Captain Obvious,” I think to myself. “In related news, hot food is hot.” Welcome to my (insert any day here) commute. As I assess the situation, in both directions on the [...]

Surviving Your Commute: Vote for Your Favorite Commuter Confessional

TweetThe commute. The daily grind. Hell. Whatever you choose to call it, for those of us who have to drive into work daily realize that it can be one of the least enjoyable parts of the day. Between the stop-and-go traffic, your complete lack of coffee and the inconsiderate driver behind you who apparently thinks [...]

Winners of the TeleNav GPS Navigator September Giveaway Announced

TweetHappy Monday, folks! Last week, we announced that we’d be giving away 5 one-year subscriptions to our TeleNav GPS Navigator (or a partner branded version) product to 5 lucky people and by now, you gotta be wondering who the winners are. Well, without further ado they are: @TwistMyMind @Dakini_3 Patrick Kennedy @Powert33 @iTroldahl Thanks to [...]

How to: Win an iTunes Gift Card & More with Jungle!

TweetWhat’s playing on YOUR iPhone, TeleNav Nation? Want to add something new to your playlists or rotation? Then stick with me. Recently, as you may know, we launched a new free app called Jungle! As a quick recap, Jungle! is an online marketplace app (available for the iPhone and iPod Touch) that allows you to buy, [...]

Update: HTC EVO Contest EXTENDED & Easier To Enter!

Tweet BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re extending the Help Me Get an HTC EVO Contest we announced last week and we’re making it easier to enter! Now to enter, all you have to do is answer this question (in the comment section below or on the original post): Why do you need Sprint Navigation (powered by TeleNav) [...]

$199.99 for a HTC EVO 4G? We’ll Help Pay For It!

Tweet Okay, so I know what you’re thinking… You’re thinking, “Dude, why the flip are you announcing another contest already? And more specifically, why are you doing it the day after announcing your other contest? Seriously?” To that, I say, SERIOUSLY – we play by nobody’s rules. So why exactly are we launching another contest [...]

Announcing the Review Us Contest – Win an iPad!

Tweet While there’s a lot of hype about different devices coming out this summer, there is still one device we think is hard to beat – the Apple iPad. Why do we think that? Simply put, iPads are slick, give you access to thousands of apps, are easily portable, and are amazingly FUN! Seriously, what’s [...]