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Behind the Scenes with CNET @ Telenav HQ

TweetAmong our executive ranks here at Telenav is someone considered by some to be the “father of GPS.” Bob Rennard was the principal engineer in designing the Global Positioning System and is currently our co-founder and Chief Technical Officer. Sit down with Bob for a few minutes and it’s no surprise why he’s deserving of [...]

Navigator In Chief, Drew Bennett of, Hits the Road with TeleNav for Some Family Fun!

Tweet   I remember when I was a kid, I always thought it would be hard to be a parent. Now that I’m older, turns out I was right. Growing up, I was never really much of a talker. I was actually a pretty quiet kid and I would spend a lot of time just [...]

Featured TeleNaver: Charles Cooper

Tweet“How do you use TeleNav?” As TeleNav’s social media dude (for the record, not my official title), part of my job is to be the voice of the customer to our company. That’s why when you say something, whether it be here on our blog or on our Facebook or Twitter page, it doesn’t just [...]

A Blogger Lost in Florida

TweetWe love stories. Don’t you? If nothing else, isn’t life all about a good stories? Whether you’re talking with your friends about that crazy vacation you went on last summer or about that one time that one thing happened to that one guy, you’d probably agree that there’s nothing better than a truly great story. [...]

TeleNav First Look Kickoff!

TweetAt TeleNav, part of what we want to do is be the best GPS solution out there – period. So day-in and day-out, we work hard to improve and create new features which ultimately make our customer’s lives in their cars, simpler. And in the 10 years we’ve been doing this, we are very proud [...]